Termite Treatments 

Termites invade homes and buildings through the ground and eat wood that needs to be protected.

We treat termites in two ways:

1. Baiting:

  • Baiting systems or treatments is the process of installing bait stations around the perimeter of a structure that contains a bait rather than a chemical. This bait will only be consumed by termites and no other insect, it will not leach to the soil and will not create chemical hazards while applying. Since the baiting method uses no harmful chemical, this is the most popular choice.
    • Requires an initial application and inspections two times a year.

2. A liquid barrier:

  •  Liquid treatments are performed by trenching around a structure and creating a barrier of chemical that the termites will need to pass en-root to the colony. The chemical kills the termites within an hour to three month.
    • Requires the initial application and inspection. After that treatments are recommended every five years.

A healthier solution for a pest free life

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